Sports Activities

Compulsory sports, play a crucial role in bringing about a holistic development of the students. Theoretical knowledge is imparted along with training for athletic events and both indoor and outdoor games. The sports room has equipments for games like chess, carrom, table-tennis, badminton, cricket, throw ball, basket ball, volley ball and football which can cater to many classes at a time.
SKV Vidhyaashram – Best Sports School in Namakkal
“Pioneering in sports” SKV Vidhyaashram is scaling new height by establishing benchmark through leaps and bound. Over here in SKV Vidhyaashram the entire teaching and non-teaching staff are inclined towards the upliftment of the student, be it academics or sports or any other extra curricular activity, our utmost attention is to focus simultaneously on each and every aspects of one’s interpersonal growth. So keeping these motives in mind please have a look on the below mentioned sports, and that too in an elaborated way….


Call us skeptic, but when it comes to sports, especially cricket, we believe in winning as” Winners are the one who never quit and quitters never wins”. So keeping this thing in mind, we have created one of the best team comprising Spartans who only believes in giving their best in every possible way and under every circumstance. Their action do all the talking as it was pretty much evident from our recent past victory in which after beating all the contenders, our school team was crowned as an undisputed winner from every corner.
We have a dedicated team of coaches, who keep on encouraging budding players and keep them updated with all the upcoming sports events to showcase their talent.


“””Talent is God given. Be humble,,
Fame is man-given. Be grateful,,
Conceit is self-given. Be careful,,”””

A top athlete’s beauty is next to impossible to describe directly, so over here in SKV Vidhyaashram world of boxing, talents are being applied in various trades. Primarily and optimally we are combining fame, failure, conceit & sobriety in equal proportion to bring out the best from the least. And this is being implemented by a group of mentors who believes in delivering, because action speaks louder than words.
So we propel talent in a humble way, we nurture them to be sober but we catalyze them to be effective at par, because courage lies in overcoming all your fear….


Followers are many, but achievers are those who follow their own, so with this motive, Goenkan shooters are carving out their own niche, only ‘n ‘only on the basis of shoot to win mindset.
We the Goenkan’s are not only nurturing our shooter’s to scale new height in terms of triumphing or establishing new benchmarks, we are also developing a mind set , that the only substitute to hard work is only and only hard work and nothing else.
And this is pretty much evident from our past achievement in which our shooter’s have bagged down not only gold and silver but have created their space in state & district level.


“People say that they are the only one, but we at SKV Vidhyaashram, Namakkal will always emphasis that we are the only one’’,,,, so only with this motive world of badminton over here in SKV Vidhyaashram, we are creating an entire new and aggressive breed of badminton Spartan who only and only believe in delivering out the best from the rest, and that too under the supervision of extremely talented coach and various other skills enhancement procedure.
Because no doubt, Namakkal being one of the pioneer in producing world class athlete, and to no surprise, the achievement of those legend are enthralling all of us to till date. Same goes to the badminton arena which is establishing benchmarks through leaps and bound. And with the numerous collections of medals and other recognition, SKV Vidhyaashram badminton is way to go….no doubt.


Over here in SKV Vidhyaashram, our skater are very well aware of balancing their life on skates, because no matter be it academics or sports, life is a journey full of a roller coaster ride. We not only mentor them to balance the wheels but we also mentor them to strike a balance between their two verticals, and whomsoever is able to do so, will be a man for substance.
So over here in SKV Vidhyaashram, we the SKVs are primarily and optimally focusing on quality as well as on quantity. Quality, to improvise skills set day by day, and Quantity, in terms of bagging more ‘n more rewards & recognition.
So with this mindset, we have developed & we are still developing and we will be developing more ‘n’ more aspiring performer under the superb guidance of mentor who will encourage them to scale new heights….


Creativity lies within, and to show more we need to elaborate more , so we the SKV‘s are working hard to strive more ‘n more from all those budding performer who some way or the other are desperate to spread out their wings in the best possible way and bring out the most from the least.
Under the superb guidance of our extremely talented coaches and mentor, kids are being prepared to be the next trendsetter of tomorrow and to set new benchmark for the upcoming budding gymnast.
“”Confidence says that” I can do it’ & Over confidence says that “Only I can do it”, only slight change can turn the thing totally upside down’’’
We the SKVs, are always and will always be result oriented and will always focus on achieving cent percent result,, and will have and will be showing remarkable result in future as well…

Lawn Tennis:

Welcome to the amazing world of GDGIS’s lawn tennis, where expertise and glory are running side by side. The more you rub the more you shine, shine like a star and that too with an everlasting glaze. Because no pain no gain, and we the Goenkan are of the same type. Because in our last face off with our contenders our young and innovative brigade have shown their true aggression, and have shown the outer world that we are not the easy nut to be cracked down so easily.
Although we have one of the best team of budding performer who are always keen towards exploring new horizon and who are also desperate to add more feather to their caps every now n then, and that too when it is collaborated with a supervision of an extremely talent mentor and other required facility,, so nobody can let them down as the sky is the limit for them..


One of the finest form of self- defence enabling everybody , especially to those who some way or the other might have undergone a state of inferiority complex, only on the basis of physical inefficiency. So keeping these minute factors in mind ,, we the Goenkan,, are focusing more n more on developing the moral of an individual by providing certain extra course of self defence where one easily protect his/her dignity with proper respect and honour.
So hereby presenting the amazing world of Taekwondo, where we are nurturing and will be nurturing new talent who has an unlimited apetetite to win and nothing else.
From our past achievement we have proven that we are what we are.